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Class of 2019-Summer Sessions

So I have to say that one of my most favorite things about living in the Grand Forks, ND area is having four beautiful seasons.  I love little things about each season, and I love to shoot in all four seasons!

Since things are winding down for the Class of 2019, I wanted to do a recap of their senior photos!!  I thought I would break it down into three posts–one from my summer sessions, one from my fall sessions, and one from my winter sessions!

Starting with summer has me LONGING for warm nights, golden light and so much color!  I can’t even choose a favorite season to shoot in–it’s usually the season that I’m shooting in at the time!  The biggest downfall to summer sessions??  MOSQUITOES!!  Some years they are terrible, and some years they barely bother us.  Last year they were pretty bad, but I was also pregnant and, apparently, the mosquitoes gravitate even more to pregnant mamas!

Well, anyways, here are some of my favorite photos from the summer sessions of the Class of 2019!

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